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Be a txikitero, my friend
Bilbao, Spain

In Bilbao there are not residents, there are txikiteros. Txikiteros are names given to those who drink txikitos, small glasses of wine served in the bars.


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What NOT to do in Bilbao 2024

Although our hostel is wonderful and we love to have you close by, as in any relationship you also need a little space from time to time, so during the day we let you go around, as long as you come back at night with us. Since the day is very long and at some point you will have to have lunch or dinner, we leave you a list with some of our recommendations.

 We assume that most of you know what pintxos are, but for those who live in ignorance and clearly in bad taste, we are going to explain what this wonder is.  

Pintxos are a culinary glory, a typical delicacy of the Basque Country that consists of a small tapa of some delicacy skewered on a piece of bread (everything with bread tastes better, sorry to celiacs). The good thing about pintxos is that the variety is almost infinite. It is true that there are some more typical pintxos that are in several bars, but there are always some innovators who make works of art creating combinations of finger-licking, elbow-licking and whatever-other-type-of-licking-it-takes food.  

Another highlight of pintxos are the price. Usually they will not cost more than three euros and thanks to the forcefulness that characterizes the Basques you will be served two or three. Although we warn you when you get in the rhythm, it is difficult to stop. You always want to try more and more. 

As we do not want you to make a mistake and settle for any mediocrity, we present a list of pintxos that you must try if you come to Bilbao. 

1. Txangurro gratinado, El globo

This masterpiece is not possible to describe in words. Whether you like txangurro or not, you HAVE TO TRY IT, truly for us the jewel in Bilbao’s crown. The rest of their variety is also delicious, but this pintxo has a special place in our heart.

Source: @elglobo.bilbao

2. Cheese crepe with mushrooms and piquillo bell pepper sauce, Gaztandegui

Any cheese lovers around here? We hope there are several of you because we wouldn't like to have that kind of people in our hostel. Well, if you are on the good side, this place will seem like paradise as they have a huge collection of cheeses with which they make their pintxo. We definitely recommend the cheese crepe! You will be amazed!

Source: Tripadvisor

3. Gildas, La Viña.

For those new to the subject, let us explain. The gildas are small skewers that usually have anchovies, olives, and chili in vinegar, an explosive flavor that, although it is not for everyone, most will love. It is true that it is very common to find in almost any bar in the city, but we wanted to highlight those of La Viña (out of series). Of course, if you come to this restaurant, even if they are not pintxos, you cannot fail to order any of their dishes without authentic Iberian ham or their SPECTACULAR cheese tart (seriously, this tart is a fantastic).

Source: @rakel_nm

 4. Mushrooms, Motrikes Bar

Okay, maybe mushrooms are not the most beautiful dish in the world, but they are the most delicious and there is no argument. At Motrikes Bar they have the best grilled mushrooms in town and you may ask: What's so special about them? Well, they have a special secret sauce that we have been trying to decipher for years, but has unfortunately remained unsolved. You can try to crack it yourselves to see if you are able to discover their secret...

Source: @oshiete.bilbao 

5. Anchovies, Basaras

A basic of the Basque gastronomy, and out of all the taverns, Basaras is the best without a doubt. To put it simply, anchovies are like a pair of reliable jeans, they are a basic that always looks good and never goes out of fashion. 

Source: @bilbaofoodsafari

6. Cod in pil pil sauce and idiazabal cheese canutillos, Bar Bilbao.

Cod al pil pil is a classic of Basque gastronomy and at Bar Bilbao they have the perfect recipe to bring tears to your eyes, but instead of sorrow they will bring pleasure. If you are not a big fan of fish (you're missing out) we also recommend the Idiazábal cheese canutillos, it is very very good. 


Source: @baobilbao

7. Sirloin steak with foie, Sorginzulo

Sorry for vegetarians or vegans who are reading this, but this is a full-fledged butcher shop. This is a spectacular sirloin accompanied by foie gras that explodes in the mouth with a delicious flavor. A must on the list of Basque pintxos. 

Fuente: Tripadvisor

8. Quail egg with potatoes, mushrooms and Idiazábal cheese, Gure Toki

Can you think of a more perfect combination? From our point of view, it's hard to beat, and the Gure Toki Bar has earned a well-deserved reputation for the elaboration of its pintxos while always being packed to the brim. 

Source: @oilobide

9. Moorish pintxos, Melilla y Fez

There are many Moorish skewers, and although at first glance it may not seem a very complicated dish, the truth is that there is none like the one from Melilla and Fez. Tasty and authentic, as we like it.


10. Chorizos infierno, Bacaicoa

The Bacaicoa is on fire and no, it is not because they have a hot waiter (well we do not know that). What we do know is that it burns for its famous choricillos infierno that are cooked live and live with flames of fire, a spectacle, and of course a delicious taste.

Source: @enekosukaldari

11. Tortilla de patata, Bar Nashville

What? Did you think we were going to do a pintxo route without the protagonist par excellence? Here it is, the tortilla pintxo, almost everyone's favorite. If you are in the mood for a good omelette, there are many options, but we recommend Bar Nashville, a small bar with a lot of life and a delicious omelette.

Source: @xavier3007

12. Los triángulos, El Eme

Who does not like a good sandwich, especially if the bread is homemade and made on the same day. El Eme has a great reputation that they have earned thanks to their stars: their triangles. An unmistakable taste with very basic ingredients that everyone loves: ham, lettuce, mayonnaise and their secret sauce (as you can see, the restaurants in this area are very fond of mystery).

Source: El Eme Bar

Well that's all our list, we hope you find it helpful, and above all and most importantly that you listen to us. And of course if you have your own recommendations do not hesitate to tell us about them. Ahh and if you are hungry and you still don't know Bilbao, don't hesitate to make your reservation with us.