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Be a txikitero, my friend
Bilbao, Spain

In Bilbao there are not residents, there are txikiteros. Txikiteros are names given to those who drink txikitos, small glasses of wine served in the bars.


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Family visit to Bilbao

If you're planning a trip to Bilbao and you're going with the youngest members of the family, just know that your plan just got better.

Going to Bilbao with children opens up even more options for things to do and places to visit.

On our tour of the cosmopolitan city of Bilbao, we're going to visit some great must-see spots and some places that you wouldn't even think of visiting if it weren't for the fact that you're going with the kings and queens of the house. Let's get going!


Great plans with children in Bilbao

Monte Artxanda

We can't think of a better starting point for your route than going up to Mount Artxanda. Having Bilbao at your feet and showing your little one everything you are going to see during the day.

How do you get up there? As much as you want to tire your child out so that he or she sleeps well, it might be too much to make him or her walk up Mount Artxanda. So take the funicular from the Plaza del Funicular, which has departures every fifteen minutes.

Once at the top of Mount Artxanda, as well as the outstanding views, there are children's playgrounds and incredible green areas, a place to have a picnic or, if you prefer, have a bite of the best Bilbao gastronomy such as some rabas or a txuletón in one of the best restaurants in the city: Txakoli Simón.


Museo Guggenheim
In all the lists and guidebooks you've read, you're sure to agree that this is the first place you should visit, or at least one of the first.

And no wonder, because this is a symbol of both Bilbao's urban transformation and its great cultural awakening at European and world level.

In addition to making your kids freak out at the thirteen-metre Puppy and Louise Bourgeois' giant spider outside the museum, what does the Guggenheim have to offer the youngest members of the family?

The museum's contemporary and avant-garde exhibitions are a great attraction for children, who, hoping perhaps to simply see paintings, always enjoy the exhibits. In addition, the museum offers weekly activities and courses designed specifically for children of all ages.


Near the museum is the area known by the locals as the Campa de los Ingleses. Here you'll find the República de Abando park, which has a fantastic children's play area, as well as some water jets that you'll be grateful for when the heat is at its peak in the summer months. 

We can't forget the Paseo de Campo de Volatín which, as well as running parallel to the Ría, the symbol and pride of Bilbao, will lead you to a unique and colourful children's playground.

It is unique and special because it is based on Basque mythology, with a large number of legends and characters known to the locals. This way, they can play and find out about Basque culture while enjoying the Marigorringo trampoline, the Sorgiña house or the Eguzkilore labyrinth.

This way you will be in touch with the local culture while observing the modern buildings right in front of you. The perfect definition of the city; avant-garde with roots.


La Ría

The estuary, La Ría, is the lifeblood and backbone of Bilbao, one cannot be understood without the other. That's why a visit is a must, but not only by crossing it on one of its many modern bridges and footbridges, such as the Zubizuri, Euskalduna, La Salve or the Pedro Arrupe Zubia footbridge

Escort your children on a water adventure through the city, enjoying a cruise along the estuary to turn them into real sailors.


Museo Marítimo | Maritime Museum

We have already talked about a great museum and the estuary. But if we combine both concepts, cultural space and water, we can only come up with the Bilbao Maritime Museum. Located where the Euskalduna Shipyards used to be, it exhibits the city's naval and seafaring past, a nod to the past.

Outside, leave your children speechless with the "Carola", a 60-metre red crane symbolising Bilbao's roots and the docks. Inside, permanent and temporary exhibitions, models, real boats and workshops and routes for the whole family are some of the activities and objects that await you.


Bilbao bike tour

In Bilbao's great urban resurgence, between avant-garde and modernity, there is room for respect for nature, as evidenced by the numerous green areas and bike lanes.

When the weather permits, we recommend renting a bike from one of the many companies along the estuary, which have numerous options for children of all ages, including Dutch bikes with baskets for the youngest members of the family.


Playing inside

If the sun is shining, the bikes and the estuary await you, but if it's raining and you want to enjoy Bilbao after visiting the Guggenheim and Maritime museums, there's still a lot to see.

Azkuna Zentroa, a cultural and leisure centre, is a must-see with or without children. Its exhibitions, the layout of its incredible 43 columns, the history of the building itself and its tours and workshops for children - we recommend you check availability on its website - make it a unique place.

Another stop we recommend, rain, shine or shine, is the Sopa de Sapo bookshop and toy shop in Plaza Indautxu. It's a magical place for the little ones, with decor, toys and books that you'll all fall in love with. Also, don't forget to visit their website to attend one of their workshops.


Football lovers

The San Mamés stadium, home of Athletic Bilbao, is an architectural masterpiece and a treat for any football fan. Enter its museum and make use of its audio guide for a complete experience in this temple of modern football. Also, surprise your little ones with the chance to jump on the pitch and feel like a footballer by scoring a goal against the legendary goalkeeper Iribar.


Stickers in Plaza Nueva

Another tip for football fans. If you visit on Sunday, don't miss the opportunity to visit Plaza Nueva in the morning, where the city's children and not-so-children gather to exchange football stickers, "cromos" in Spanish, and complete their collections.


Ride the wave

Bilbao is the Basque Country, and the Basque Country is surfing. Follow the estuary to its mouth and look for the perfect wave on one of its spectacular beaches. There are companies that will teach you the basics of surfing and provide you with the necessary equipment.

The perfect activity to end your visit to Bilbao and an experience, at any time of the year, that your children will never forget.