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A taste of Brussels
Brussels, Belgium
You can expect just about anything from a city capable of exporting the best chocolate in the world and home to world-famous Brussel sprouts. The Belgian capital is a city of contrasts that will always leave you with a good taste in your mouth
Be a txikitero, my friend
Bilbao, Spain

In Bilbao there are not residents, there are txikiteros. Txikiteros are names given to those who drink txikitos, small glasses of wine served in the bars.


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From Madrid to heaven (or so they say)
Madrid, Spain
One of Madrid's most popular sayings is that there's only one hard to visit the latter, let's begin with the former.
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A stroll through Molenbeek, the capital’s most modern neighbourhood
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Unmissable visits
Unmissable visits
Unmissable visits
Bilbao BBK Live accommodation if you don´t feel like camping

From the 11th to the 13th of July you can leave your agenda free of events because you will have more important things to do; live to the fullest the concerts of the Bilbao BBK Live 2024 festival.

Don't worry, because the heart of the festival is in Kobetamendi, quite close to the Villa so you can enjoy some of the main monuments of the city of Bilbao. Don't think we're telling you to leave a concert halfway through to see the new exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum or one of the city's best museums. Not at all.

The reason is that the festival has thought of everything, and in addition to its main location, it has a programme of concerts in the most emblematic places in the city. So with so much music, culture and, of course, a nice Pintxos route, the question is, where are you going to sleep?


Bilbao BBK Live 2024

First of all, if you are looking at the festival for the first time, we would like to tell you that it is an event that is growing year after year in importance and that already has a great name at European level.

This musical festival unites a spectacular natural setting, with numerous stages with a variety of musical genres and styles. In addition, the gastronomic offer of the Bilbao BBK Live festival is at the height of Basque gastronomy, internationally recognised, awarded and admired.


Bilbao BBK Live 2024 Festival Venues


The forest of music and magic. The best electronic music will be played here, among its seven sound towers. Dance in the middle of nature, melt with it and feel the unison of hundreds of people who have the same passion as you; Bilbao BBk Live.



Let's put on the brakes for a moment, feel the music go through your body, through your soul until it reaches the deepest part of your being. At Lasai you can hear and feel the music. The reason for the creation of this corner, with privileged views of Bilbao, is to lower the revolutions of the music, making it calmer and more relaxing.



We leave the line-up of artists of the Bilbao BBk Live festival, and we go to the very heart of Bilbao, we visit some of the most emblematic places of the Villa to attend smaller concerts but with the same charm. Bilbao and live music, you just need to visit a restaurant to try some of the most traditional dishes and your day will be perfect.



This is the main stage, where the big names on the bill will be performing and singing. A meeting point for music and talent, the soul of Bilbao BBk Live, although it is by no means the only one.


San Miguel

In the heart of Kobetamendi, in the middle of nature, you will enjoy new talents, artists who have something to say, who want to add new and innovative ideas to the music scene. Listen to what others will take months to discover. This will also happen on the Txiki stage, although here it seems that the concert is something more intimate and private, that they will play just for you. An unforgettable experience.



The most innovative music takes place under this big tent. The most innovative and transgressive music of different genres is staged here. A place to discover and be surprised.



Get ready to dance and jump on this stage, where the most dynamic rock, pop and Hyperpop artists will be performing.


How to get to Bilbao BBK Live 2024

Next to the Termibus Bilbao bus stop, you will find a temporary and provisional stop that will take you, free of charge, to the venue. In addition, Metro Bilbao's programme includes nightly services every night, from Thursday to Sunday, connecting the centre of Bilbao with Kobetamendi.


Accommodation for the Bilbao BBK Live 2024 Festival

With everything you've seen and knowing that at Bilbao BBK Live there's so much going on at once, from Kobetamendi to Bilbao's Casco Viejo, you need to be in the centre of it all, but how are you going to do it?

Bilbao BBK Live Festival offers camping and glamping options, but if you've come all this way it's because you've been running away from camping and glamping. We can't blame you, who would want to sleep in a tent when you can enjoy the best accommodation and hostel in town? Welcome to your home in the heart of Bilbao: Latroupe La Granja Hostel Bilbao.

Located in the heart of Abando, that is to say, where the Casco Viejo and the Siete Calles are born, you can rest and recharge your batteries in the best hostel in the city to start the next day ready to make the most of your days in the city.