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Be a txikitero, my friend
Bilbao, Spain

In Bilbao there are not residents, there are txikiteros. Txikiteros are names given to those who drink txikitos, small glasses of wine served in the bars.


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Unmissable visits
Unmissable visits
Best Pintxos Places in Bilbao

Basque gastronomy is a national treasure, and as such, we should treat it and enjoy it. There are a large number of restaurants with national and international prizes that draw the Basque map.

The ultimate representation of this is the Pintxo. Small morsels of infinite quality, made from fresh local produce. Never before has something so small contained so much work behind it.

Complete, without complexes and finger-licking good. Although it might seem that we are still talking about Basque gastronomy, we are actually referring to the list we have brought you.

An updated list with the best bars, restaurants and taverns to enjoy the best pintxos in Bilbao.


Best Pintxo Bars and Taverns in Bilbao

Bar Charly

Plaza Nueva 8

Let's start with the mythical, the best known and most respected. You can't leave Bilbao without visiting the Charly bar, which has been open since 1973. Great atmosphere and a wide variety of pintxos with all the good work of years of experience. Don't miss out on their offers of 6 or 12 pintxos with a drink.


Restaurante Víctor Montes

Plaza Nueva, 8

If we are talking about tradition and history, the Víctor Montes Restaurant could not be missing. Although it started out as a grocer's shop open since 1849, fate had in store for it the surprise of becoming an emblem of the city.

Its façade and interior, escorted by its bottles of wine, cognac and whiskey, tell the history of Bilbao and serve unique national and international products. In their dishes and pintxos they know how to mix tradition with innovation like no one else.



C/ Andra Maria, 13

We are approaching the Txiriboga. Variety, quality and homely. That's how we could describe it very briefly.

It has earned a place among the best in the city thanks to its great customer service, a menu full of great pintxos and rabas that even make the pages of the newspapers. And that's not just saying that.


Gure Toki

Plaza Nueva, 12

Quality and elaboration. This duo is what has led Gure Toki to become an authentic reference in Bilbao's gastronomic scene, which is quite a feat.

Basque and national cuisine, modern touches without losing sight of its origins. They are the perfect balance in the world of cuisine. If we had to highlight any pintxo, an arduous task, start by trying the rib and egg mollet pintxo. Delicious.


Bar El Globo

C/ Diputación, 8

El Globo has a handful of reasons for you to visit, and pintxos are just one of them. Its location next to the spectacular Palacio de la Diputación, its warmth, its complete options but, above all, its famous txangurro au gratin. Fantastic value for money.



C/ Somera, 41

Before you even say good afternoon, before you say hello, before you even think about what you are going to order to drink, order the mushrooms, grilled txanpis. It's that clear.  Then you can lose yourself in the many tasty options, but remember our advice.

Classic and popular at the same time. Motrikes brings together locals and tourists under the umbrella of quality food and tradition.



C/ del Correo, 22

Picturesque corner bar, with a beautiful façade that invites you to enter and let yourself be embraced by its atmosphere. Although you shouldn't miss the opportunity to take advantage of the terrace, if you have the chance.

In addition to their pintxos, of course, they are known for their freshly made tortillas, omelettes, considered some of the best in Bilbao. Anything with potatoes, Baster knows how to do it like no one else.



C/ María Muñoz, 6

A few steps from Plaza de Miguel de Unamuno a classic in the Old Town awaits us. Be careful not to confuse it with the previous "Baster", although the mistake between one and the other will only make you visit one great place or the other.

Baste has been part of the daily life of the people of Bilbao for decades and there is only one secret to keep it going for so long: quality. Its menu ensures numerous options and all of them are good. Recommendation? Stuffed mussels to start.



Plaza Nueva, 12

This place is something completely extraordinary. Their service and attention to detail make you feel at home. If we combine this with the quality of their pintxos, we have a place you will always want to come back to.

Their great work with traditional pintxos and their own recipe made them win the award for best pintxo in Bizkaia in the 2021 edition. Their patatas canallas are a must in your order. Of course, accompany it all with their fantastic Txakoli.


La Viña del Ensanche

C/ Diputación, 10

Wonderful premises with an exterior that invites you to come in and an interior that will make you stay. More than 90 years at the service of its customers, with an unbeatable service, offering a wide variety of pintxos of enormous quality. Tradition on the plate and between the cookers.


Bar Bacaicoa

Plaza Miguel de Unamuno, 2

With a good location, great atmosphere, brilliant service and freshly made pintxos of the highest quality, would you leave Bilbao without visiting it? Because it would be a real sin. Well, that's why you must visit Bar Bacaicoa, which has been in the city since 1965, so let the staff advise you and immerse yourself in a sea of pintxos and flavour.


Bar Fermín

C/ Iturribide, 6

This is a fantastic option if you want to leave the crowded, touristy places to one side. It's more intimate, both in terms of space and pintxo options, but all it achieves is higher quality.

Start with their gildas, and from there, go with your instinct, which will do you a lot of good in this place where quality is above all else.