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A taste of Brussels
Brussels, Belgium
You can expect just about anything from a city capable of exporting the best chocolate in the world and home to world-famous Brussel sprouts. The Belgian capital is a city of contrasts that will always leave you with a good taste in your mouth
Be a txikitero, my friend
Bilbao, Spain

In Bilbao there are not residents, there are txikiteros. Txikiteros are names given to those who drink txikitos, small glasses of wine served in the bars.


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From Madrid to heaven (or so they say)
Madrid, Spain
One of Madrid's most popular sayings is that there's only one hard to visit the latter, let's begin with the former.
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When in Rome: history of the marianito
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Unmissable visits
Unmissable visits

Sounds like something to do with the world pandemic, right? Exactly. If you’re not well, you should stay at home and call a doctor.

Yes, and to keep personal contact to a minimum, we request that you do the check-in this way. In the email you’ll receive before your arrival, you’ll find a link to complete the process. That’s where you can plan all the details necessary so that your stay with us will be more pleasant.

Yes, in our living spaces, working spaces, lifts and rooms. There is even signposting to guide you through our hotels so as to guarantee social distancing.

The ventilating systems in the buildings were completely rebuilt in 2020/2021 so as to pipe in fresh air from outside to all the rooms and public areas. This guarantees an optimum recycling of fresh air that provides a safe level of oxygenation for all guests. All the rooms are equipped for the supply and extraction of air, in addition to heating and air conditioning systems.

To ensure that all cleaning measures are adhered to, we are working with renowned certified hotel hygiene provider ECOLAB, which has developed a global program in partnership with Lobster Ink that will introduce an enhanced standard of hotel cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection training for all our team. For more information about the training program, you can visit

Yes, facemasks and any other hygienic products are available.

The F&B offer will depend on local Covid regulations, so please consult our team. In any case, there will be take-away breakfasts.

We have a kitchen for guests in some of our hotels, but their use can change depending on Covid restrictions. You can contact the local team to confirm before your arrival.

No, we are not yet. This is due to the fact that welcoming certain pets to our hostel requires some adaptations that we are studying, but that we are not able to cover at the moment.

But we are considering the possibility in the future.

Reservations, modifications and cancellations

If you prepaid your reservation at a non-refundable rate, no cancellations or modifications can be made.
In the rest of the cases, it’s best to contact the hotel directly to check on this possibility.

If you need to cancel a hotel reservation, make sure you first consult our cancellations policy.

No. You must have a credit or debit card to guarantee your reservation.

Cash is accepted if you reserve at the reception desk on the same day you arrive.

“All tourists coming to Brussels are requested to contribute!” The municipal tax is paid separately, in addition to the hotel bill. It should be paid upon arrival at the hotel.

Check out our offers page to find all our promotions and available discounts.

Don’t worry. Contact the hotel directly and tell us your full name and arrival date.

We have a maximum stay of 30 days per room or bed. After that, everything depends on availability.
Contact the hotel directly to be sure.

Reservations for more than 12 people are considered group reservations. There are special terms and conditions for groups. Check with our team to get more information.

We’ll do everything possible to assure that you and your friends are all in the same room. In any case, contact the hotel before arrival and our staff will do everything it can to put you all together.

Reservations are not accepted from people under 18 unless they are accompanied by an adult (someone over 18).
Reservations for children under 16: guests who want to bring their children under 16 should reserve a complete shared room or a private room. Lodging is free for children under the age of two.
Reservations for 16 to 18 years old: adolescents cannot be lodged in shared rooms; they can stay in private rooms if they are accompanied by an adult or with the written consent of a parent or guardian.
In any case, consult our policy of Terms & Conditions.

Babies two years old or under can stay for free with their parents in private rooms. You can order a cradle before arriving, subject to availability.

Getting to LATROUPE


From Brussels National Airport (Zaventem): (50 min)
Railway train to Bruxelles-Central

From Brussels South Airport (Charleroi): (1h 30m)
Shuttle and train to Bruxelles-Central

From the Bruxelles-Midi Train Station:
Metro (10 min) (2 stops) - Metro Nr 3 or 4 northbound - Get off at Anneessens - Exit: Place Fontainas (beside the Rue des Bogards). - Boulevard Anspach

Walking (15m) - Exit the station by Esplanade de l’Europe exit) - Walk along the Boulevard du Midi until Boulevard Maurice Lemonnier toward the city centre, Place Fontainas - Boulevard Anspach

From Bruxelles - Central Train Station
Walk (10 min): Carrefour de l’Europe - Putterie - Rue Duquesnoy - Place Saint-Jean - Rue du Lombard - Rue des Teinturiers - Boulevard Anspach



From Bilbao National Airport:
Bus (5 min) (4 stops) - Bizkaibus - get off at Aldekone
Then take a bus (17 min) (7 stops) - Derio E3 Bus Kukullaga-Etxebarri - Get off at Zazpi kaleak / Old Town
Then 6 minutes walking - Itxaropen Kalea - San Nikolas Plazatxoa - Areatza Kalea - Areatzako Zubia - Nafarroa Kalea - Plaza Biribila - Plaza Circular. 48001 Bilbao, Vizcaya, Spain

From the Bilbao bus station:
Metro (3 min) (3 stations) - Metro Basauri - Get off at Abando

Payparking 'Rouppe-Fontainas' - 10, boulevard Maurice Lemonnier - 1000 Bruxelles (at 150 metres from the hotel, +/- 18 € / 24 hours, without reservation. Attention: maximum vehicle height is 1.80 metres!

Parking Miguel de Unamuno - Urkixo Zumarkalea, s/n (some 7 minutes walking from the hotel), 24 hours, without reservation.

Arrival and check-in

You can check in starting at 14:00 hours. If you arrive earlier, LATROUPE does not guarantee that the rooms will be available yet.

You can find complete details at our Terms & Conditions policy.

Final day check-out time is before 11:00 am. Late check-out can be used between 11:00 and 14:00 at an additional cost: in shared rooms, 7 € per bed; in private rooms, 20 € per room.

Complete details can be found at our Terms & Conditions policy.

All LATROUPE properties have access for the handicapped and are totally accessible. If you have some special need or require help, contact the local team directly.

We are committed to guaranteeing that all guests enjoy the full LATROUPE experience, no matter what their capacities.

Services at LATROUPE

If you ask at reception, they will provide you with one.

All our private rooms (doubles or for families) have towels. The towels are changed daily according to the requirements of the guest. In the shared rooms, dirty towels should be deposited in the boxes available in the reception area when the guest leaves the hotel.

Yes, we provide bedding and pillows for every category of room.

We have free lockers in all our rooms. You can bring your own padlock or buy one in reception.

Each LATROUPE has a baggage room. The charge is 2 € per suitcase.

The beds in our double rooms are double beds or joined singles; the bunks in our shared rooms are each standard individual size (with an incredible mattress!). You can get more information about the size of the beds in a room and other commodities by reading the descriptions of the rooms.

Animals are not permitted.

Yes, each LATROUPE has a self-service laundry, at a small cost. If you have questions about the prices of specific services, contact the local team directly.

No. We have family rooms. You can get more information about them by consulting the descriptions of the rooms.

Of course!! Speak directly to the local team.

Do you still have a question?

If you haven’t found the answer you were looking for, complete the inquiry form and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.