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A taste of Brussels
Brussels, Belgium
You can expect just about anything from a city capable of exporting the best chocolate in the world and home to world-famous Brussel sprouts. The Belgian capital is a city of contrasts that will always leave you with a good taste in your mouth
Be a txikitero, my friend
Bilbao, Spain

In Bilbao there are not residents, there are txikiteros. Txikiteros are names given to those who drink txikitos, small glasses of wine served in the bars.


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From Madrid to heaven (or so they say)
Madrid, Spain
One of Madrid's most popular sayings is that there's only one hard to visit the latter, let's begin with the former.
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When in Rome: history of the marianito
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Unmissable visits
Where to stay during Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland is one of the best festivals in the world, and that is something that goes beyond the fact that it hosts one type of music or another. Since the first edition in 2005 by the Beer brothers, it has created a whole universe of its own where respect, brotherhood, good vibes and the best electronic music on the planet come together in this unique event.

In addition to the best electronic music, the staging is truly spectacular. Nowhere else in the world is there a show that brings together the elements that make Tomorrowland a fantasy of place and concept.

More than 400,000 people visit annually and they come from all over the world. And that's not just a figure of speech, virtually all of the 194 countries currently recognised by the UN in the world have had one of their inhabitants in the Tomorrowland facility.


Where is Tomorrowland being held?

Its success has been such that different versions of the festival are being held in other parts of the world. The French town of Alpe d'Huez, with Tomorrowland Winter, the Spanish city of Barcelona, with Unite Tomorrowland, the American town of Chattahoochee Hill, with TomorrowWorld in two editions, and Tomorrowland Brazil in the Rio de Janeiro city of Itu in three editions have been the places chosen to repeat the success of Tomorrowland in other parts of the world.

However, the original Tomorrowland, the one that is repeated year after year, beating records and increasing the level of artists and staging, is held in the municipality of Boom, in the region of Antwerp called De Schorre.


What to expect in Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland usually has the same structure every year. It is true that sometimes it varies, such as its capacity, which although it is usually for 400,000 spectators, in its 2022 edition it reached 650,000.

Once you have passed the checkpoint with your personalised wristband with a chip, you enter the world of Tomorrowland. This Disney World of electronic music takes place over two consecutive weekends in July. It may change from week to week, but we always try to keep it that way.

You can visit its numerous stalls to eat, buy souvenirs, order drinks, do parallel activities or go to one of its fifteen stages. What matters most here is the music, and not just any music, but the best electronic and techno music in the world.


Where to stay during Tomorrowland

The most common option is to stay in Tomorrowland itself. Buying the Global Journey gives you access to what is known as DreamVille. DreamVille is a camping area in close proximity to the Tomorrowland Festival. It creates a fantastic atmosphere among the festival goers who have decided to sleep there.

DreamVille becomes a small village with people of all nationalities and has everything you need for your needs, and even goes beyond that. You can buy food, a souvenir and even go to a hairdresser.

There are tents available or you can rent just the pitch. Take a look at their website to see all the options DreamVille has to offer.


The second option is to stay in a hostel. Discard staying in the municipality of Boom, where Tomorrowland takes place, because there are not enough places and infrastructures to cover all the demand.

The perfect solution for comfortable accommodation is to go to Brussels, some thirty kilometres away. The connection between the municipality and the capital is excellent, with a very efficient public transport network.

You'll have all the excitement of Tomorrowland but all the comfort of your own bed in your own home in Brussels, the best hostel in town; LATROUPE Grand Place Hostel Brussels.


Recharge your batteries in the centre of one of the most cosmopolitan and atmospheric cities in Europe. Take a break and try some of the most typical dishes of Brussels to get a taste of its culture. And if you want to take something quick to Tomorrowland you can choose from the best fries in Brussels or, if you have a sweet tooth, choose from some of the best waffle places in the Belgian capital.