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In Bilbao there are not residents, there are txikiteros. Txikiteros are names given to those who drink txikitos, small glasses of wine served in the bars.


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Madrid, Spain
One of Madrid's most popular sayings is that there's only one hard to visit the latter, let's begin with the former.
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Source header photo: @stevenferaru

We meet again... this is our second post about the beloved by almost everyone, CHRISTMAS. If you haven't heard (too bad for you as a Latroupe follower) our first Christmas post was dedicated to Brussels, so, in order not to miss this precious work of literature, we invite you to take a look at it. As you may know at this time, we like things clear and concise so that you don't get bored reading.

So what we were talking about? Ohh yes, Christmas. As we don't want our Bilbao staff to get jealous and we are sure you will be interested too, we are going to talk about the best Christmas plans in this beautiful city.


If normally the Basque Country is famous for its incredible gastronomy in these special dates, you have the perfect excuse to wolf down. Take advantage and book the best Christmas menus and forget about all diets for a few days. Remember, you’re not in Bilbao everyday but the gym will always be there waiting for you.

But something you can't miss is the famous Santo Tomás Market (December 21) located between the Arenal and Plaza Nueva in Bilbao. In this gastronomic market you will be able to buy and taste some of the best local products. We promise you won't regret it, because the Talo with chorizo is a big word...

 Fuente: @basquingenelsol


A classic. Every self-respecting city has a Christmas lighting, and although this year the light is off the charts, Bilbao has made its lighting in style. If you want to know where you can enjoy this beautiful scenery, we leave you a short list so you do not miss anything, so you can take that picture that we know you want.

Fuente: @pablitoskasko

- The Gran Vía

- 7 Streets" of the Old Town

- El Arenal (Trees and luminous whale)

- Bilbao City Hall with its own tile (each district has its own)

- Christmas trees in the Plaza Arriaga and Plaza del Ayuntamiento (Town Hall Square)


The flea market at the Muelle de Ripa (from December 2nd until January 5th) has a lot of ideal stalls of all kinds. Gastronomy, gifts, decoration... A perfect option to spend the afternoon and take some souvenirs of your visit to Bilbao.


Surely you have done and heard about routes of many things, but surely not so many cribs. And unlike most of you, there are people who take the nativity scene very seriously, so much so that there are even exhibitions to show them. In the Museum of Steps, the Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art, the cloister of the Cathedral and the church of San Nicolas we can see all kinds of cribs, giants, audiovisuals, dioramas... in short everything you can think of. The truth is that after seeing some of these examples we have become a little creative and are thinking about to make a human one with our staff (sorry guys, get ready).

Fuente: Bilbao Secreto


And finally, the plan that all parents wish they had never seen. Because it is true that children have a great time but the constant "look mom / dad, look at me" the ruckus of children and especially the danger of being asked to climb on the atractions can sometimes be a little too much.

From December 17 to January 8, the PIN will be held at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre, a perfect place for the little ones. They have planned a lot of sports and recreational activities, workshops, rides and even toys collection. So now you know, if you have children, get up the courage and tire them as much as possible to at least be able to sleep at night.

Fuente: @bilbaoexhibitioncentre


Obviously and as in Brussels the Christmas ice rink could not be missed. And also as in previous post we ask you to be a little careful because the ice is very treacherous and although children have rubber bones, adults do not.

Fuente: @bilbao_jaiak

From November 25 until January 5 you can ice skate on the rink that has been set up in the Muelle del Arenal and enjoy looking like a startled chicken. An easier option is to sled down the ice slides at the Muelle de Ripa, this option is easier and may be a little less dangerous, but you never know, that depends on the ability of each one, we are not the ones to judge.


Curious names we know. These two characters not only announce the arrival of Christmas, but also bring gifts to children, they even have their own carriage. On December 24 they walk through the streets giving candy to children and collecting their letters with their Christmas requests. In addition, after their walk through the streets some choirs go out to the streets to tell the story of the Olentzero. We attach a photo to give you an idea of the style of these endearing characters.

Fuente: Onda Vasa

*Olentzero, figure of the Basque mythology represented as a humble and kind man. Personified as a charcoal burner, he symbolizes nature and warns of the arrival of Christmas. Nowadays he is a popular character of the Basque culture and every 24th he goes out to the streets with his companion Mari Domingi to announce the arrival of Christmas and give presents and candies to the children.


We know you were waiting for it. For the party people who come during this time of the year, there are also great plans. And although the clear top one is LATROUPE LA GRANJA, we leave you some other clubs that are not the same but are also quite good.

- Buda

- Moma

- Backstage

- Rockstar

Fuente: @momabilbao


Last but not least, the traditional parade of the Three Wise Men. As every year the beautiful floats of their majesties will go through the streets of Bilbao (including our beloved hostel) to greet the children and fill them with candy. A very special night for the little ones.

Fuente: El Correo

Do not tell me that you have not felt like coming to see us, even dough we haven’t told you about the Christmas events we have prepared yet. So, in order to don’t miss a thing, we recommend you to be updated in our social networks because we will be revealing some other cool plans. Until then you have time to make reservations. But if it’s not your intenttion, and as we have a big heart, we take this opportunity to wish you all happy holidays and a happy new year.

Pd: A little help with that gift that you are having so much trouble deciding: a trip to latroupe and you will succeed for sure. You are welcome.